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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An eternal dream called life!

What is life, if not a living dream? An eternal dream that peaks at dusk and transforms in the eve of a midnight reflection.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The beauty of the world!

The beauty of the world never fails to amuse me. Growing up in the luxury of the rain forests and the fertility of the cloud forests, truly spoiled my senses as a child....but now as an adult traveler, a much better appreciator of our world — and overall life, I realize that every inch of the natural world has its own wonders—beautiful, intriguing, awe-inspiring marvels!

This picture was taken at the lower Antelope Canyon, Navajo nation!

An insight on my writing

Many have asked why do I write what I write? My response has been that it is because of my appreciation and respect for LIFE. However, I will elaborate further as to why my writing tends to be very selective. I grew up in the beautiful embrace of the rain forests of Nicaragua. Some say I was fortunate; others know the truth—that it was heaven until it became hell. As a child in that heaven, I enjoyed a world most people only dream of: endless days of riding horses through forests of warm rain…adventures on moonlit nights to the sound of distant jaguar cries. The forest was heaven and home, and then one day that childhood ended. In my new life I would witness one execution after another, pass corpses displayed in the streets, and watch as, day-by-day, the paradise I had known and loved was shattered.

Being that I got a second chance in life as it was my destiny, I became a writer first for therapy and then for passion. Although there are many things I could write about, I have chosen to write about life and for life. My writing is dedicated to preserving our natural resources, particularly the rain forests of the world, describing life the way it truly is: beautiful but fragile, and for war victims, women and orphans leaving in the landfills who are often mis-understood and forgotten.

After being close to death several times as a child, and after losing many of my loved ones, I have concluded that every second that we are alive is priceless. Every life is worth a thought, a memory and a praise. No one's life is meaningless, it is all about the choices we make.


Tonight, I agree with author Maya Angelou in that "there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

I have concluded that other than breathing, courage is a must. Just the act of "acting, as if pretending" to be courageous takes COURAGE. Life is all about trials and tribulations and every second that passes by is a decision that involves the courage to make a good choice, courage to go on and not dwell into despair and the courage to love and care for others without expecting a return.
We all have courage for if we didn't, we would be extinct. Courage is the act of rising to a new day and facing the world with a smile and a courteous hello. It is one of the reasons we are still alive. Courage is what drives us to get back on our feet and continue walking.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Traveling to Nicaragua

Traveling to Nicaragua requires careful thought, particularly for those who don't have relatives living there. As one of the poorest countries in the Americas, second to Haiti, Nicaragua's accommodations could be challenging. However, the experience of a beautiful land adorned by volcanoes, oceans, forests and overall the true essence of the human spirit, make this journey an unforgettable one.

Here is a list of some places and things to do that I would recommend:

1. Go on Eco Tours to the rain forests or my home cloud forests (Northern Highlands.) City of Jinotega and Matagalpa: Selva Negra is a great retreat!

2. Visit Masaya in the town of Granada: the colonial town, churches, arts.

3. Visit El Tepeyac in San Rafael Del Norte, a town founded by Father Odorico D'Andrea

4. Relax at the beach in Montelimar, La Boquita, Poneloya, Corn Islands-Caribbean Coast, San Juan Del Sur

5. A good hotel to stay in Managua: Hotel Intercontinental or any with at least 4 stars (they have shuttles and offer touristic tours.)

6. City of Leon-home to the great poet Ruben Dario

7. The best thing of all: Spend time with the highly spiritual people and if you need a detachment from the material world and a better appreciation of your life, visit the Chureca landfill (not alone as it could be dangerous.) It is a life-changing panorama: children surviving from trash. However, such settings, can be observed all throughout the country.

Nicaragua is a land rich in natural resources but not for long as illegal deforestation is still going on. The spirit of my people: the type that never fails to inspire is what holds the highest value.

Farewell my friends. If you are planning to visit or have comments/questions, drop me an e-mail or blog :-)