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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Heron's Path Review

Ever since a little girl, I’ve been fascinated by paths and remote roads that lead to who knows where.  I recall building secret paths in Mama’s garden using a stick.  Then, my plastic animal figurines would find their way around.  Heron’s Path by Alethea Eason, although not exactly a book about a little girl like me, reminds me somewhat of my childhood, my two lovely sisters and even the frightening river I had to cross every time we would travel to the farm in the forest. 

When I picked up Heron’s Path, by Alethea Eason, I chose it first for the beautiful cover and the title, but later it became a good reminder about the strength of the human spirit.  Heron’s Path is a beautifully written story about two sisters, Katy and Celeste and about the enchanting tales of the Nanchuti.  The current of the river, the mystery of dreams, the meaning of life and growing up all come to life through Alethea’s magnificent writing, which gently guides the reader to the end through a path of courage and love.  This lovely read is ultimately about the gift of sisterhood and the thrilling mysteries of life. 

Alethea Eason is a writer and teacher. Her latest publication is Starved, a sequel to her humorous middle grade science fiction novel, Hungry.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Village Sang to the Sea

Where to travel next for my great inspiration?  Other than writing, working and traveling, reading is my other passion.  The other day, I picked up a novel from a bookstore, simply because I fell in love with its title:  The Village Sang to the Sea.  Then, I proceeded to read the novel and my imagination took flight.  The end result of my reading: Desire to someday visit Lerici!

Lerici is a village in Italy said to be “The pearl of the Poet’s Gulf.” It is called the Gulf of Poets because the great Romantic poets, Percy Shelley and Lord Byron often visited it; and Percy and his wife Mary, author of FRANKENSTEIN, lived in Lerici. The picturesque village is the southern tip of the Italian Riviera.  Just north of the Gulf of Poets is the famous tourist destination of Cinque Terre, "The Five Lands," and south of the Gulf is Pisa and its also famous, "Leaning Tower."
Lerici appears to be an inspirational paradise for artists! It is an enchanting village, which reminds me of my own native village in Nicaragua, City of Mist.  The village of Lerici is surrounded by splendid green hills, rich in history and breathtaking landscapes.  In his lyrical memoir, The Village Sang to the Sea, author Bruce McAllister magically transports you to different worlds, yet you wish to remain in the captivating village of Lerici, Italy. The events that flow through this beautiful book are enchanting and riveting. The Village Sang to the Sea is an unforgettable book!

As a boy, Bruce Mc Allister lived in magical Lerici, learned Italian, and attended school in the shadows of its castle, like the protagonist in the novel.  McAllister is now a science fiction, fantasy and literary fiction author who has appeared over the years in literary quarterlies, national magazines, college textbooks and "year's best" anthologies like, Best American Short Stories 2007. The Village Sang to the Sea has been compared to Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine and Something Wicked This Way Comes.  Bruce McAllister lives in Orange County, California, with his wife, choreographer Amelie Hunter.  He works as a writer, writing coach and book and screenplay consultant.
Have you visited or lived in Lerici? Share your experience/s :-)