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Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Travel

We decided to travel last minute again and took off to an unforgettable road trip. Southern and Northern California still reign the tourism world. Great places to visit include the Redwoods National forest where nature trails ensure mental and physical fitness. Agate Beach, where looking for agates becomes an instant obsession. San Francisco, its elegant bridges, the delectable foods...clam chowder in a bun! Big Sur, Cambria,San Simeon, Monterey, Morro Bay...all small but charming coastal towns. Have fun this summer, stay safe with whatever you do!

Where ever you go, just remember, it's not the vacation that make the memories, it is rather the memories you create that make the vacation.

We made it a rule to keep the vacation simple, lots of nature trails, walks on the beach, sunset chasing,a lot of quality family time full of play and nature was the best because at the end, all we remembered the most were the simplest of all times.

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