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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

La Chureca Landfill

It's been a while since I first set foot on that landfill. One of the largest landfills in Nicaragua. The moment I entered, my world was transformed and awareness never left my side again. It was on that day that I witnessed true abandonment, despair and poverty inconceivable to many.A vivid canvas of humans, animals and trash became engraved into my heart where despite living under deplorable circumstances, the human spirit still remained. And if you ever doubt there is a hell, La Chureca could serve as a model: the stentch of putrefaction, hills of trash towering to the sky, burning trash and human consumed decomposed fodder.

It is now Christmas and I only wish for the despair of these people to end someday and for the world to become more frugal and conscious of the fragility of life. Value each day as if it was your last and keep the less fortunate in mind.

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