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Friday, August 3, 2012

Pursue your dreams like an olympian!

Pursue your dream with a heart like an olympian! It is often easier to give up and accept what is closer and more feasible to achieve—the smaller or short-term dreams.  But what about the long term ones, are they too far fetched? Do they involve other planets?  The inspiration for this blog came from watching the 2012 Olympics, so many stories, heartbreaks, inspiration, and focused hearts and minds.  No matter how many times I see the Olympics, I’m reminded quite often that champions are not born; they are made out of determination, discipline or simply by allowing yourself to dream.  Every person is wired to do or at the very least attempt at accomplishing a dream or goal.    However, success comes with a price.  Take for example, the gymnast and gold medalist, Gabby Douglas who left her own family to pursue her dream.  Her capturing smile reminds me that once you choose to follow your path, there is no time for regrets or what ifs.  Should the dream crumble or a new one cross your path, perhaps you’ll be left with a smile and a fulfilling peace that at least—you gave it a try. Pursue your dreams my friends, you deserve it! I know, I will!

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