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Friday, March 14, 2014

Latest review for Shattered Paradise!

Thank you friends for your reviews and for being a part of my life :-) Here's the latest review for Shattered Paradise: Memoirs of a Nicaraguan War Child!

"Ms. Ileana Araguti experienced atrocities that no child should ever have to experience during the Nicaraguan Revolution. She begins by narrating her everyday life being the youngest member of a family. Beautifully written, she digs deep into the hardships that her father and mother had to endure working in the forests, yet maintaining a close family knit. Religion was a major factor that solidified her family bond that also served them during the revolution.The war between the Sandinistas and the Contra factions was yet another tragic result of the cold war of the 1980s. The horror and devastation happening before her eyes was described in grim detail, yet in the most intimate way. The story is hard to read, but I appreciated the sincerity and eventual triumph of her family and the survivors of the revolution.This book takes you through a journey where you'll laugh, you'll'll cry and you'll cringe. In the end, you'll appreciate the little girl turned radiant woman and all that she experienced. It felt like I was right there with her, running, crying, and smiling with her."--Jim Hague

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