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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Avatar Depression: Where is the true Pandora located?

According to CNN, some people might be experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts after seeing Avatar. They claim to love the world of Pandora and want to stay there!

We must realize that the real Pandora is in our own world, located in the vast, but rapidly vanishing RAIN FORESTS!

I was blessed to grow up with the enchanting surroundings of the rain forest, located in my father's lands in Nicaragua. I was forced to leave it as one day my paradise became shattered, but while I was there, I took the time to notice it. I then made it my goal to never forget or to let the world forget that our true Pandora is the reason we need to recycle and go GREEN. However, many wonderful people who have traveled to my homeland have seen more than the beauty of the rain forest, they have experienced a life-changing and rude awakening: children living in landfills such as "La Chureca," are currently eating decomposed foods and live under unimaginable conditions were also just a few kilometers away due to necessity or just greed, deforestation without reforestation is taking place.

Perhaps, James Cameron did a great job in creating this masterpiece. If this is what it takes for people to look at their surroundings and GO GREEN, then let it be.

Depression is a commodity that needy people all around the world do not have, simply because they are too busy striving to stay alive. They do not have the luxury to lament. The best cure for depression is to get involved by helping our Earth, our rain forests and humanity as a whole! Only then will we attain the satisfaction that we are in this world for a reason, a destiny worth every single heart beat.

PANDORA EXISTS! Its true name is "THE RAIN FORESTS!" You could live there if you want to or you could visit it. There, you will see neon fireflies, exotic fauna, flora, waterfalls and trees as old or older than one hundred years.

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