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Friday, January 29, 2010

The courage to tell a story!

My life and that of my family have been guided by courage and perhaps a destiny to tell a story. I must now shower with courage in an effort to tell an untold story. The type that burns within but refuses to come out. I know the courage will come, for only then will I be able to smile and say "I did it." I did what I could to help save whatever is left of our precious rain forests. Only then, would I have kept the promise I made to a starving child, who lived under less than human conditions in one of the biggest landfills of my native country of Nicaragua. "Every one tells me they're going to help, but all I really want is for people to know that I exist."

With this blog, I take the first step of courage and begin to walk without turning back towards a world unknown to many but dearly engraved within my soul.

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