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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The act of love.....

The act of love...........

My grandfather who died of old age, prayed daily to the lord for him to take his soul, before my grandma's. His wish came true. And all grandma kept for the rest of her life—and took with her when her time came, was my grandpa's endearing act of love. These were some of my grandfather's ways of loving:

1. Think before you speak. In the case of love, words could hurt more than sticks and stones.
2. Let go of the routine, at least for one day. Rub that special someone’s aching feet and have a day just for the wonders.
3.Detach from self and immerse into your significant other’s world (acknowledge their aspirations, dreams and passions,)and you’ll see, it might very well turn out to be, an awesome adventure!
4. Don’t forget the EARTH too, needs love. Pick up trash or at least don’t litter. Recycle! It’s good for the economy and extraordinary for OUR environment.
5. Take this positive attitude with you all year long, and your life might turn into a forever act of love, the type that withstands even the inevitable passage of time.

Now, don’t be shy and don’t hold back, how do you show your love to others?(Others including society and the environment.)

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